School Motto Inscribed
by Premier Wen Jiabao
The Badge of Beijing
Bailie University

The Badge of Beijing Bailie University

    Taking into account the round badge is more in line with the Chinese aesthetics, therefore Bailie??s school badge marked by circular pattern. The design makes use of the plan of different size of two concentric circles . White is the bottom colour of the intersection part. Upper part of the pattern is the school name with blue bold-face,underside marked in English ??Beijing Bailie University?? and the year of 1940. Bottom colour of inside circle gradually changes into light blue from dark blue up down. Pattern is the composition of Triones and the light green olive branch in right oblique below. The colour of school badge derives from the colour of the sky, blue bearing a little aqua(short for ??Bailie??s Blue??), attaches a moral ??Training for the dawn??

    Bailie??s school badge Contains three significances: first, Triones symbolizes the Red power and the Communist Party??s leadership; secondly, ??Bailie blue?? implies dawn, peace and the meaning of life; thirdly, the figure 1940 shows that our school's history dates back to 1940 during the Anti-Japanese War. With a general, Beijing Bailie University is a higher educational institution with fine tradition and cultivating high-quality talents.

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